Tuesday, February 8, 2011

MOCK FIRM COMPETITION [the birth of a name]

After the first day of class, we all took one to two days to contemplate how we thought this building should start to be designed. We were asked to come up with a concept and make a sketch model or two of the building and aspects we wanted to concentrate on. A small critique/presentation was held, by which we were placed into groups by those aspects that were similar. Since this was a mock firm competition, the group we were assigned would become our "mock firm." We were to then come up with a name, a structure, and a history within the firm. A marketing packet will be constructed for us by the 4th year professional practice class.

My particular group decided on the name "Tertia Studios." The latin word for 3 is Tertia. 3 is an important number to my group for several reasons. We are third year students in our 3rd year of the interior architecture program. There are also three main principles, or partners, in our group.

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