Monday, December 8, 2008


These are some pictures of my group's drawings, models, and process throughout the Pathways Edges and Boundaries project. The first three images are photographs taken of the critique set up. (I was a member of the exhibit group, and we worked very hard to come up with a layout for the presentation that matched our conceptual designs of the project as a whole.) The fourth picture is our first model that we created to present. It ended up changing a little bit, but the central concept of the sand waves still persevered. The next two images are of our group's concrete mixing sessions. We had a right amount of fun making the foam models for the box so that we could create the wave effect, as well as fun in casting the concrete. It truly was a group effort and we all had a hand in the stirring, pouring of water, etc. Though we didn't each have our own small model that we cast, we all "got our hands dirty" in the casting process. The next two images are my plan and section drawings of our design. The top view is one foot by one foot, and the section view is one foot, ten inches by one foot. The final picture is our first model that came out. It turned out really well in our opinion, but we learned quite a bit about making our second one. Our second one, for example, had our waves connecting on each side so that they continued throughout the block instead of being random. 

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


As I was beginning this drawing, it seemed to be rather easy to me. I finished the entire roof (the complicated part) and then realized one side was an 8th of an inch off. So I redrew it because I couldnt figure out where I had gone wrong. This time, I decided to start from the end that I screwed up on and ended up messing up on the other side! (Again, I didnt realize it until after I finished the entire roof.) Henceforth, I finally drew it again and it was right, but I realized that I started poche'ing the bond for some odd reason - which is why the chimney and such is darker :o] 

House Elevation

This was my favorite to draw and my best one. It came out very well, and I am pleased with it. 

better perspective drawings

The top image is a two point perspective drawing of the corner of my dorm room. I was very pleased at how this came out. The second image is a one point perspective of Clairissa Anderson's studio desk. Her's seemed a bit more interesting to draw than mine so I chose to do hers instead.

Perspective Exercises

This is a two point perspective of a corner in the critique room. It is a rough sketch, but I feel like it came out better than I thought it would. I am pleased :)

We were sketching a box in two point perspective while playing close attention to light sources. I found it rather hard to visualize the object in this way because it seemed deformed to me. This might just be the angle in which I was sitting in front of the object to draw it.