Monday, August 30, 2010

studio: perception + expectations + growth

Studio by definition is "a place where an artist, designer, photographer, etc. work. It is a place for instruction or experimentation in the art of design." The studio space is a multi-disciplinary space that encourages interaction between other studio members, other interior architecture majors, and professors. This interaction is designed to create a dialog between people to encourage a deeper understanding of material as well as developing a personal style that emerges in our work. This particular studio should be no different. The dialog between Patrick and my fellow studio members should be influencing my designs and encouraging me to develop my design skills.
I expect to grow more through this semester than ever before. I feel as though my previous studio semesters have set the basis for my design knowledge and foundation for the fundamentals of design. This studio, however, will be a year of growth and development within my personal design theory. I intend to have more of a grip on my design tendencies by the end of the semester.
My strengths have been identified, but I plan to use this semester to continue to develop those strengths and try new aspects of design (lighting and acoustics) to enhance my designs. I am interested to see how my strengths lie in these subjects as well to see if I potentially would like to concentrate on their effect on my designs more heavily. It should be a very rewarding and enriching semester! lets get started!