Monday, March 8, 2010

=Dreaming= of [Dandelions]

When your design nature starts tugging at your imagination its rather hard to resist. When it happens, its a nagging ache, desperate to be attended.

 "we've all felt it, that fleeting moment so fiercely alive, yet unexplainably surreal. That defining instant of clarity, powerful enough to suspend time. That crushing awareness... rendering us motionless and quiet. It is in these moments that we are perpetually inspired."

Sunday, March 7, 2010

This is how it [feels], reaching for [Heaven]

All my life
there was just me and my dreams
and the days went ticking by
like the beat of my heart.
spend my nights wondering how it would feel
when the waiting would end and tomorrow would start
suddenly i see a light
out of the darkness i'm coming alive...

This how it feels, reaching for heaven?
Is this how it feels, kissing the sky?
This what it means, touching forever?

Like a phoenix rising from the flames....
I'm reaching for Heaven.

+FINAL INSTALLATION+ shelter for [daydreaming]

5 lb bag of flour = $2.84
Take out every night for a week = $25
Box of Band-Aids = $1.65
Late nights in studio with my girls for an "A" = Priceless. 

Studio Apartment attempt 2. [SUCCESS!]

My second attempt at my loft design was definitely a success. I think its mainly in part due to the fact that I LIKE it. I eliminated the loft(second floor) and stuck with a very minimal appearance. I also worked out the kinks in my podium renderings, and was able to produce some really nice images. Ive been waiting for this portion of my program forever! I am very pleased with my first exposure to Podium, and hope that my images and rendering skills can only grow from here! 

+constructing+ shelter for [daydreaming]

1 Group + 4 girls + power tools = excited women!

Here are just a few more process pictures of our shelter project. We were actually able to start building now! It is funny to me, though, that we were willing and able to get pictures taken with us making paper mache balloon balls, and building and cutting, but when it came to rolling newspaper, we were lacking in that area. Needless to say, the rolling of the newspaper was a pain in the butt! 5 foot long wall by 4 feet high, filled completely with single sheets of newspaper rolled with the diameter of a quarter. FUN.... We had cuts on our hands for two weeks later. I do recall having 5 bandaids on my hands at once one day! 

studio apartment rendering [FAIL]

Jake introduced us to Podium the other day in our visualization class. We were to create a design for a studio loft apartment in a plan he provided for us. We werent supposed to add a second level, but I did anyway. Whats a studio loft apartment without a loft?! We were then to model the space in Sketch-up, texturize it, and render it in podium. For some reason I was doing something wrong, and my images continuously came out dark. The more I stared at my space this way, the less I liked it. Note - I promise I didnt design the space with a purple countertop. That was another fail in the rendering part. It was actually a personally made recycled glass countertop. Apparently Sketchup and Podium didnt like it...New goal: redesign, model, texturize, and render space over the weekend. BIG CHALLENGE! but I was definitely up for it!