Thursday, May 7, 2009


Jesus Christ - I find the most inspiration from My Lord and Savior. He guides me and inspires me more than any material on the planet.

Calla Lillies - One of my favorite flowers. the structure, shape, smell, color,... the beauty, perfection and elegance found in a flower as invigorating as this is simply inspiring.

Beach - North Myrtle particularly. A sunrise makes all the difference. the sounds, sights, smells, and feelings there are unique, calming, and inspiring. Its where i feel at home.

Piano-forte - Music is the universal Language. When I'm playing piano i get a LOT of inspiration that influences my designs.

Cities at Night - Brooklyn Bridge


Space - specifically the Eagle Nebula...

Spider Webs - perfection and strength

Willow Tree

Jellyfish - the glow and manipulation of light intrigues me.

Edinburgh Castle - Edinburgh, Scotland
The land is such a gorgeous and inspiring part of the designs throughout scotland. Edinburgh castle displays it very well

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Coming Full Circle


Authenticity can be defined as genuineness and anything that is uncorrupted. It shows that something is pure and undisturbed.



Stewardship usually contains a person who is appointed to supervise the affairs of that group and designate certain functions they are to undertake. In design, a specific element of the design and space can often dictate and designate emphasis or functions to another part of the design. For example, in our Sacred Space project, many people took certain elements of their design and allowed them to take on required functions. As in my space, the focal point was centered on the glass block window covering and that essentially paved the way for the rest of the design. The forms were mirrored for different functions and the stewardship was made eminent through that.



A creation or experimentation of something new is known as an innovation. An innovative design is something that introduces a new technique or design feature to the world of design and its surroundings and environment.



A community is a social group of any size whose members resides in a specific locality, share government, and often have a common cultural and historical heritage.