Friday, May 28, 2010

[morocco] on my mind

A friend of mine came to me last week and said she wanted a moroccan themed bedroom. I thought it was a great idea and got a little carried away! This project was ridiculously fun, to the point that I stayed up til 4am for about a week straight because i was so excited. I feel like the renderings came out really well. I have Jake Tucci, my visualization professor from this last semester, to thank for that :) 

Added a great pattern to make a gorgeous moroccan carpet hanging as a door to the closet. The hookah really adds an extra dimension. haha. I found the table it is sitting on in sketchup. I thought it was AMAZING! Sorry, i wish i could take credit for designing that :/ 

Detail of the bed: take note of all the textures and moroccan patterns on the pillows, blankets, and cushions! 

Close up detail of the ottoman at the end of the bed. I added a moroccan fabric to the cushions, and two metal trays with a swirl pattern. They are perfect for staging candles, flowers, and other little trinkets and statues. You can also get a great view of the rug and the detail of the moroccan themed pattern. GORGEOUS!! 

Another detail of the bed... 

Cool perspective from the door. You can see the window, the bed, the wooden detailing on the wall and the floor lamps. 

Here are a couple images of the bathroom wall. The door leads to the bathroom, and is directly across the room from the bed. It shows the lamps and their shadows well. Also, the dresser is a moroccan style and includes small decorative pillows, a golden camel, an urn, and a wooden moroccan jewelry box. 

The ceiling detail on this room was a really cool architectural aspect to the space. the rendering that I had of it didnt come out, however, so this is as good as it gets. I am working with podium to see if I can get it. I'm excited to post it too!!

This is a close up of the floor lamps I designed. I looooove the shadows that they produce on the walls and floor! The orangey glow sort of surprised me. But I think it really adds to the room and the moroccan theme, bringing in an extra color to go with the purples, pinks, and browns!