Tuesday, March 1, 2011

MOCK FIRM COMPETITION [the birth of a site]

Tertia Studios has been coming along! We have determined the structure of our firm. We have 3 core principles or partners. David Harrill, Clairissa Anderson, and Cassandra Gustavson. Though they are principles, we maintain a pretty steady and level sense of order. The principles merely act as liaisons to the competition heads for information purposes, and act as settlers for disputes. They have great leadership roles and will step up to make an executive decision if necessary. The members of our group are all very laid back and we like to have fun while getting our work done. We have pretty much decided that our firm will be very laid back and fairly informal. It seems to us that we've already had dirty looks and comments made from the other groups about the structure of our firm. They seem to be a little jealous that we can have fun and still get our work done effectively.

We decided on a site for our skyscraper for the competition. As a group, we really valued and respected existing buildings and parks. We therefore wanted an open space in which to design the building so that not many things would be destroyed. Researching the area and taking a 3 hour tour around google earth, we found very few open areas. Either they were important parks, or many buildings would have to be removed. After a long search, we decided on a site on the island of Soldermalm. The problem was.... there is a giant rock on our site. We will have to do research as to whether we can successfully and effectively build a skyscraper on this particular rock. We will have to do research on the rock type and drilling, cutting, and anchoring options for the site. During the group meeting, we all kept making funny comments about the "wise man who built his house upon the rock." It seemed ironic to us. We WOULD be the group to pick a challenge....

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