Sunday, March 20, 2011

[site analysis]

Originally, we planned to place the building toward the back part of the rock so that visitors and employees could enjoy the rock and the view of the water. When analyzing the site, however, we realized that the shadows cast from the building would be covering the rock and water. Because Stockholm is a cold place already, we really wanted to allow people to enjoy the small bit of sunlight they do get. Because of this, we made a group decision to move the location of the building closer to the water's edge. Another reason for doing so, was because we realized that the rock is a little over 100 feet tall. Stockholm has very few tall buildings, and nothing to the scale of what we are designing. By having our building built into the rock itself, we are cutting down about 100 feet from the height, as well as allowing the rock to still be used, and making our building even more integrated into the site.

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