Sunday, February 6, 2011

Skyscraper Precedent [Rodovre]

Above is a slideshow of a few diagrams that I created to better understand my skyscraper precedent. I chose to study a building that wasn't actually constructed, but rather was entered into a contest similar to our mock firm competition of this year. My precedent was the Rodovre skyscraper that was designed to be located in the municipality of Rodovre in Copenhagen, Denmark. The building was designed around a series of pixels. The "sky village" originally began as a block and was subtracted in some places and added in others to become and interesting design. The building is interesting in its sense of flexibility. It can be used to accommodate a predominately large market for commercial offices, residential, hotel spaces, restaurants, or retail. The way that the pixels are organized throughout the building creates sky terraces for the people within the building to use as yards or gardens. They are located in a strategic place to allow for adequate amount of sunlight, but placed in corners so that the spaces do not suffer wind damage.

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