Sunday, September 5, 2010

GREAT HOUSES [introduction]

We are currently researching and analyzing precedent studies for our studio. The Great Houses project requests information on a certain residence on which to compose a case study. My choice was The Douglas House designed by Richard Meier. It encompasses an idea of public and private sections of the home being distinct. The concept is based around the idea of a ship and the public and private sectors that accompany the vessel. There are also physical aspects of the home that suggest a ship-like quality as well: full white lacquered material, wooden floor on the decking, white nautical railing, and stainless steel smoke pipes resembling ship piping. The home is also anchored to a sloped terrain and over looks the vast waters of Lake Michigan.

A few images of the residence...

front facade from water

west elevation

looking southwest

family room

family room with blinds

"flying bridge" [entrance]

looking west

roof view

from 2nd level

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