Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Between Silence + Light (Opus 10)


Craft represents a number of things in design relating to the construction of the space or structure. A well-crafted design incorporates firmness and a timeless and everlasting appeal to it. Craft can also include experimenting with new techniques and styles to create an innovative method. Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Falling Water” takes on a new approach by combining concrete and steel to strengthen it as well as adding steel supports to prevent glass breaking. It took a large amount of skill and craft to create the cantilever over the waterfall.



In a home or other industrial building, there are some parts that are supposed to be kept private whilst others remain public and communal. To distinguish between the two, certain design techniques and methods can be used. For example, Falling Water makes use of darkening hallways that lead to more private sections of the home, creating a privileged and disclosed area. This designates where a guest or visitor is supposed to enter and where he is not.



Techniques are used mostly to define the way something is made or used to create or evoke a certain feeling. For example, Falling Water was meant to be a restful retreat, and the home literally forces you to relax. This is achieved by using the technique of lowering some parts of the ceiling, forcing you to sit and be tuned in with the nature surrounding and incorporating the home. Another example of a technique is formed through the use of the natural elements of Monticello in its design. For example, Acorns were painted white and wedged between recessed spaces around the fireplace to create an interesting and unique detail. This technique effectively encompasses all aspects of the nature around the home in the home itself.


Virtual applies to the things that seem to be in existent but aren't actually there. It deals with something that appears to be temporarily simulated and doesn't fulfill anything but the essence. FallingWater demonstrates a perfect example of this. The exterior staircase leading to the guest home is supported by beams only on the left side. As you move through the passageway, they are turned slightly so that when you arrive at the top, they are "virtually" invisible. 


Language is the way an architect or artists incorporates his own style and "voice" within a piece. It displays a certain feel and emotion that can only be achieved by the creator. Language is a way to communicate ideas, individual techniques and personalized styles through the designs easily and effectively. 

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