Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Action - Verbs

To speculate is to indulge in conjectural thought and to engage in a reflection or meditation. Oftentimes designers have to speculate on the materials, space, or constrictions they have to work with to create a design. Contemplating a space and its features is an important part of the design process and is required to develop a design and conform it to fit the “speculations” of that space. Designers also speculate about the original intent of a building and its use and presence within its environment. Roth explains how “a building also has a symbolic function and makes a visual statement about its use.” (Roth 16) It is our job as designers to analyze that presence and speculate about its intent to draw inspiration and influence from it to move forward in the cycle of design.

Composing means to make or form something by combining things and parts or elements. It allows for inspirations to be combined to create a composition that is well designed and thought out. Composing also relates to music in that it is how a piece of music is produced and developed to create a well-structured piece of music. This is not unlike the design world. The composition should speak for itself if it is well designed. Roth talks about how “architecture is frozen music.” (Roth 103)

Energize means to rejuvenate something and give it “energy” to make it jump out at you. To energize something requires giving it “life.” Many parts of the design cycle are energized when a new wave of design is introduced to the world of design. Corbusier was a prime example of this. He brought energy to his designs and declared that “a new beginning through a re-formulation of the roots of architecture” was occurring. (Weston 94)

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